HDPE Polyethylene Fabrication & Welding

Polyurethane is an incredibly durable and mouldable substance. Virtually any size or shape item can be manufactured It has excellent Wear Resistance , Durability & Flexibility - making Polyurethane a Superior Choice for Hard-wearing, Cost Effective Parts & Refurbishments.

Polyurethane will in most cases outlast rubber and metals. It has High Impact resistance and cushioning, very high tensile strength, is chemical & UV resistant, less noisy than metal or tiles, light-weight and protects metal surfaces from corrosion - amongst many other advantages.

At our Brisbane Workshop, QCE has the ability to Fabricate & Weld polyurethane products for many mining, industrial, transport and commercial requirements - often referred to as 'Plastic Fabrication'. This, combined with our Metal Fabrication & Industrial Coatings capabilities, allows QCE to be able to meet the Job Specifications, start to finish, while providing a speacialised Polyurethane & HDPE Fabrication & Welding Service to our Clinets in Brisbane.

Common HDPE Projects include the lining of chutes/buckets/cyclones through to full Poly Chute Fabrication & welding.

Please review our Projects Page for more information.  


HDPE Plastic Fabricator Brisbane

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